Are you reading this?

Then you should take this survey. [The survey is now closed – you can find the results here on the Find What Works blog.]

In other words, it’s for people who read aid blogs.

Why should you bother? For one reason, it’s short. It’s also anonymous. And most notably, your interests and habits are important to us, the bloggers.

See what the @SmartAid folks and other bloggers have to say about the survey via Find What Works, KM on a dollar a day, Staying for Tea, Aidnography, whydev.orgA View from the Cave, Good Intentions Are Not EnoughBlood and Milk, Duncan GreenChris Blattman, Tales from the Hood, Shotgun Shack, and Wait… What?

Say it isn't so!?! Or do!


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  1. Apart from my Rural Development experience from 1980 – I trained at Audtor General into criminal investigations and whilst undertaking rural development operations I spent a lot of my time bringing criminals to book – I have a document that details how the Government of Zimbabwe financed a shelf company part of a money laundering operation involving 4 countries – sadly fertlizer was imported into Zimbabwe that had been altered from D compound to a mixed blend – tests proved that it would never grow Maize in Zimbabwe it was sold to unsuspecting rural farmers knowing that thier crops would fail – becuase of the existence of this document I can never return to Zimbabwe to a country I have given so much to.

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