Excuse a little shameless self-promotion

Here’s a few places my voice has appeared in #globaldev discussions this summer:

  1. David Peck’s Face 2 Face podcast – on results and evidence, social change, and storytelling
  2. Interview with the World Faiths Development Dialogue at Georgetown’s Berkley Center – on my career journey, communications and blogging, and the tension between charity and rights
  3. Tope Fajingbesi’s Impact Africa‘s webcast – on aid (in)effectiveness, the role of outsiders, and building sound partnerships
With Vicky Jones of Bahari Sisters and Tope Fajingbesi of Impact Africa at WLVS in Washington. See the video of our conversation below.

My thanks to David Peck, Katherine Marshall’s team at WFDDTope Fajingbesi, and Vicky Jones – great conversations all! Thanks for the invitations!



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