The Real Experts

An estimated 25,000 participants from more than 185 countries will assemble in Washington D.C. next week for the XIX International AIDS Conference. How many of them have cared for a dying neighbor or comforted a grieving child?

The Real Experts

When a privileged few frame the conversation about fighting AIDS or reducing poverty, remedies from above are imposed on the excluded. Yet it’s those on the ground who have the most important knowledge, ideas, and resources to deal with the immense and complex problems of this century.

What is our true job?

Who will revolutionize the development industry? It’s those with a professional, but more importantly, a personal resolve to nurture alternative models of “development” that genuinely build on the dignity, knowledge, skills, culture, and abilities of local people.

Isn’t it time for a morale boost?

One largely overlooked cause of low levels of staff and volunteer motivation is the internal dynamics of organizations. Development organizations can be more effective if their members pay attention to what can go wrong inside a group and take steps to keep people engaged and committed.

A Must Listen

This American Life 408: Island Time (Originally aired 5/21/10) brilliantly covers the “byzantine system of aid agencies, NGOs, and government bureaucracy” administering the $9 billion(!) of pledged Haitian relief.

Welcome to How Matters!

Though “the system” of foreign assistance and international aid is made up of well-intentioned people, it most often falls far short of changing people’s lives. As we enter the 21st century, we have a unique and blessed opportunity to explore the alternatives to business as usual.