3500 Millones

A Hopeful Skeptic – “Commentary on the Creative Intersection of Philanthropy and Resident-Centered Investing”

A View From The Cave, – “Reporting on international aid and development.”

Africa is a Country – “Africa is a Country was founded by Sean Jacobs in 2009. It grew out of the blog Leo Africanus (2007-2009). It features online commentary, original writing, media criticism, videos, audio, and photography.”

Africa on the Blog – “Africa on the Blog is a multi-author blog by people of African heritage and is supported by Babs Saul and Sarah Arrow.”

Aid Leap – “A motley group of international aid bloggers, practitioners, and critics. Interested in impact, poverty, evidence, and throwing things off planes.”

Aid on the Edge of Chaos – “Rethinking international cooperation in a complex world”

Aid Thoughts – “Digesting the difficult decisions of development”

Architecture for Development – “In this blog I explore all aspects of philosophy and practice for international development: from broad issues of intercultural understanding, to the effective use of ICT.”

Beautiful Rising

Blue Collar Professor – “I explore the do’s and don’ts of doing good, give half-time speeches for those looking to make a dent in the world, and articulate my personal pedagogy of Tribal Teaching.”

Bottom Up Thinking – “The ugly side of conservation and development”

Can? We? Save? Africa? – “Central to this blog is a critical examination of the very question of saving Africa: Can the continent be saved? Who is the ‘we’ that is doing the saving? What would a ‘saved’ Africa look like? When will we know when we’ve accomplished the saving? Which particulr Africa(ns) are we saving?”

Chris Blattman’s blog– “International development, economics, politics, and policy”

Critical Investigations into Humanitarianism in Africa (CIHA) blog– “The Critical Investigations into Humanitarianism in Africa (CIHA) Blog seeks to transform the phenomenon of aid to Africa into egalitarian and respectful relationships that challenge unequal power relations, paternalism and victimization.”

Dani Rodrik’s Blog – “Unconventional thoughts on economic development and globalization”

Develop Economies – “International development, foreign policy, and music”

Development Horizons – “Unguarded reflections, thoughts & ideas on international development”

developmenttruths – “A frank and honest about ‘international development’ in today’s world”

Disrupt & Innovate – “Disrupt&Innovate is a place for civil society professionals and activists to discuss the sector’s future.”

Dochas Network’s blog – “The Irish Association of Non-Governmental Development Organisations”

Feedback Labs – “Real conversations, real actions”

From Poverty to Power – “This is a conversational blog written and maintained by Duncan Green, strategic adviser for Oxfam GB and author of ‘From Poverty to Power’.”

Global Dashboard – “Notes from the future”

Global Development Professionals Network on The Guardian UK– “A space for NGOs, aid workers and development professionals to share knowledge and expertise”

Global Voices – “We are a border-less, largely volunteer community of more than 1400 writers, analysts, online media experts, and translators.”

Going International – “Going International is a resource for organizations of all types to help them more effectively engage internationally.”

hiiDunia – “Broadening Global Development Discourse”

Hopebuilding – “Celebrating locally-driven initiatives in sustainable development”

Humanicontrarian – Marc DuBois’ blog

Ideas For Development – Blog coordinated by the Agence Française de Développement

InterAction’s Blog – “A united voice for global change”

International Development Should… – “Getting to Demand-Driven “Development” by Jerry Mark Silverman”

Jina Moore’s blog – “Reporter & Producer”

Learning for Sustainability – “Supporting collaboration and adaptation”

matharevalley – “These are the stories from the people of Mathare.”

Nonprofit Chronicles – “Journalism about nonprofit organizations and their impact”

Nonprofit with Balls – “There’s tons of humor in the nonprofit world”

Okay Africa.

On Motherhood & Sanity – “Mother, aid worker, writer, photographer.”

Open the Echo Chamber – “A Blog About Development and Global Change”

Owen abroad – “This is the website of Owen Barder, a development economist.”

Planning the Day – “I’m a Bostonian in Battambang, Cambodia, happily negotiating life in the tensions between Jack Kerouac and Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day and Elizabeth Johnson, and Boston College football and women’s health advocacy.”

Praxis – “Aid & Development / Politics & Institutions / Systems & Complexity”

Progressive Development Forum – “A space to discuss the politics of international development”

Pulling for the Underdog – “A blog from Dennis Whittle”

Rational Insurgent: Dedicated to spreading knowledge about nonviolent resistance – Erica Chenoweth

Rick On the Road – “Reflections on the monitoring and evaluation of development aid projects, programmes and policies, and development of organisation’s capacity to do the same.”

Social Media For Good – “Exploring the use of digital communications tools for NGOs, non-profit organizations and to support humanitarian relief.”

Spirit of uMunthu – “Jimmy Kainja’s social & political analysis on Malawi & sub-Saharan Africa”

Staying For Tea – “Good Principles and Practice of Sustainable International Development”

The Bigger Village – “Sharing ideas and adding value to the solutions that solve the challenges we faces.”

The Development Book Club – “Each month we examine a “must read” international development book. Learn with us!”

The Huffington Post Impact – “Inform, Inspire, Entertain, Empower”

The Road to the Horizon – “Life as a serial expat, addicted traveller, desperate adventurer, wannabe sailor and passionate aidworker”

This World Needs Brave – “Coaching to change our planet”

Tiny Spark – “Investigating the Business of Doing Good”

Wait… What? – “Bridging community development and technology”

Waylaid Dialectic – “Arguing with myself about international development”

Archived Blogs

@laurenist – “international development without pity” (2012)

A Humourless Lot – “Logistics for global health and aid” (2010)

Aid Watch – “Devoted to understanding the barriers to growth and development.” (2011)

Blood and Milk – “Alanna Shaikh’s International Development Resources” (2016); Moved to This World Needs Brave

Development Intern – “Thoughts from the bottom rung of development careers” (2012)

Development Rookie – “musings in international development” (2013)

Hand Relief International (2012)

Humanitarian & Development NGOs Domain – “Connecting scholars and practitioners. Catalyzing reflection and exchange.” (2012)

in development – “Field notes on development from western Kenya.” (2010)

Kubatana – “an online community of Zimbabwean activists” (2014)

News That Demands Attention (2013)

Penelope Starr’s Blog – “I am passionate about improving the capacity of organizations to better address the challenges they seek to solve.” (2012)

Shotgun Shack – “On this blog I write about those internal conflicts, life, growing up, and traveling the strange and winding roads that led me where I am today.” (2013)

Tales from the Hood – “Rants, raves, and a few confessions about humanitarian aid work… from some of the worst neighborhoods in the global village” (2011)

The Broker – “Connecting worlds of knowledge” (2012)

The Guardian’s Poverty Matters blog (2015)

The Social Change Collaboratory – “A better world based on building local capacity and global community” (2013)

The wrong wall – “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster” (2010)

Unpacking Development – “Unpacking Development aims to add to the conversation about International Development, with a focus on global health, technology, and highlighting Toronto based actions.” (2011)

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