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April 1st, 2012 - 8:38 am § in Guest Bloggers, Reflection & Rumination

Whom do I actually serve?

“He further opines that even if the community has other ideas to suggest about the building project, these would have no room since, in essence, the beggar has no choice. Patrick reminds John that they are not employees of the local community, but rather are working for the NGO.” Guest post by A[...]

January 23rd, 2012 - 7:00 am § in Guest Bloggers

Has aid lost its humanity?

“Development work had become more about systems and structures than the actual lived realities of people,” argues Mette Müller, founder of Best Self Experience. Can important concepts like 'empathy', 'understanding' and 'compassion' enter the way we deliver aid?[...]

December 14th, 2011 - 8:34 am § in Reflection & Rumination

A tale of two realities

Only one of the Washington D.C. aid industry events I attended yesterday got us closer to fixing the problems that continue to plague and perplex us.[...]

December 3rd, 2011 - 12:05 pm § in Guest Bloggers

Transparency. Accountability. Impact.

These buzzwords are everywhere these days, but what do they really mean? Kimberly Lemme, Sr. Manager, Program Finance & Compliance at Water for People, shares how her organization re-defines and approaches these concepts.[...]

July 26th, 2011 - 6:34 am § in Poetry Pause, Uncategorized

Delights of the Green Isle

Highlights from my conversations with the great people I was able to connect with in Ireland – Alessandra Pigni, Richard Moore, Hans Zomer and Clare Mulvany – and thoughts on the opening of the Derry Peace Bridge.[...]