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November 3rd, 2011 - 9:04 am § in Good Practice, Guest Bloggers

Local Realities, Local Adaptation

Tanya Cothran, Executive Administrator at Spirit in Action, writes about how an idea, some information sharing, and a little bit of money can go a long way at the local level when people are behind an initiative.[...]

September 28th, 2011 - 4:30 am § in Reflection & Rumination

Effective aid: A matter of faith?

In many ways, my work is focused on unanswered questions. What is development? Does it necessarily improve the poor’s lives? What kinds of beasts live in Malawi and how does one get into the chicken coup?[...]

September 1st, 2011 - 4:58 pm § in Good Practice, Reflection & Rumination

Another Must Listen

Highlighting This American Life’s Episode 444: Gossip (Originally aired 8/26/11), which covers research relevant to HIV prevention in Malawi.[...]

August 5th, 2011 - 6:40 am § in Uncategorized

Behind the Barricades, There Is Happiness

Richard Moore, founder of Children in Crossfire in Derry, Ireland, discusses the figurative blind spots for many people as they become involved in aid work. Richard, who was literally blinded by a British soldier at the age of 10, also discusses the value of community and the power of vulnerability.[...]

March 18th, 2011 - 5:25 am § in Reflection & Rumination

Nothing to Offer

In the wake of such tragedy in Japan, let us never forget the long-term, slow-moving disasters of poverty, inequality and injustice around the rest of the world, where funding IS readily needed. [...]

November 17th, 2010 - 10:07 pm § in Good Practice, Reflection & Rumination

161 Indicators, and then what?

1 country, 7 districts, 7 INGOs, $5 million and…161 indicators. Let’s aim for proportional expectations so we ensure monitoring and evaluation is a tool for learning and improvement, not just policing.[...]