The Real Experts

An estimated 25,000 participants from more than 185 countries will assemble in Washington D.C. next week for the XIX International AIDS Conference. How many of them have cared for a dying neighbor or comforted a grieving child?

Real Impact with Saeed Wame

Sharing my conversation with Saaed Wame, founder and director of local organization NACC in Malawi, on valuing community contributions, the challenges of child protection, and how numbers cannot portray the true value of his organization’s work.

Behind the Barricades, There Is Happiness

Richard Moore, founder of Children in Crossfire in Derry, Ireland, discusses the figurative blind spots for many people as they become involved in aid work. Richard, who was literally blinded by a British soldier at the age of 10, also discusses the value of community and the power of vulnerability.