Don Popo and where to find “it”

The swirl of thoughts can de-motivate and confound us, especially after we’ve been working for a few years, and change still seems elusive and organizational life at times ridiculous.
“So why should we continue?” she asked me.
“Because of people like Don Popo.”

Game on: It’s time to stop looking at development issues as a matter of emergency

“There are better approaches that can be employed to make sure that our development approach is participatory and strategic. But if we continue to force on communities ideologies born out of top-down approaches, we are not going to see the impact and change we desire.” A guest post by Clement N. Dlamini of the Institute of Development Management in Swaziland.

The Real Experts

An estimated 25,000 participants from more than 185 countries will assemble in Washington D.C. next week for the XIX International AIDS Conference. How many of them have cared for a dying neighbor or comforted a grieving child?

Friday’s Poetic Pause: Evaluation Led by Poetry?

“Little did Rumbidzai know that her poem would become a piece of art that would serve to illuminate the journey the partner organizations were about to begin.” From “Narratives of Hope ‘It Starts Within Us’: Documenting Development Through Stories of Change”, published by Weaver Press.