How to reframe the #globaldev message: Local organizations telling their own story

For NGOs considering how to ‘reframe their message’ in their communications and fundraising, they can include their local partners in developing countries in this proces. Invest in partners’ branding and communications. Let them tell their own story. As much it is ‘our message,’ even more so it is theirs. ~Judith Madigan of BrandOutLoud

Don Popo and where to find “it”

The swirl of thoughts can de-motivate and confound us, especially after we’ve been working for a few years, and change still seems elusive and organizational life at times ridiculous.
“So why should we continue?” she asked me.
“Because of people like Don Popo.”

Letting the snark flow

Does snark among aid bloggers go too far? I share this guest post by Orietta L’Abbate, CEO of the Association Amis des Enfants de l’ile de la Gonâve in Haiti, in an attempt to even the score.

The Arts of Survival

Featuring the Museum of International Folk Art’s exhibit, “The Arts of Survival: Folk Expression in the Face of Disaster”—a great reminder of the resiliency of the human spirit in the face of tragedy.