I lied…

I lied because I said that my next post would answer the question, Did I fund this organization?

I’m working on that post indeed, but this video made me guffaw so I just had to share it first. Made by @marcimpala of carma globale.

Favorite lines:

“I have come to your village as part of the community outreach and village rehabilitation millennium sustainability gender project including HIV/AIDS intervention.”

“I can create a community intervention for you and then you can agree with it.”

“If you are so developed, then how did you lose to Ghana?”

Satire is funny because it is true.


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  1. Pineappleskip

    Haha, so Cathy’s real name is Margaret Mead and she will go on to write something like ‘Coming Of Age In Samoa’. Loved the bit about the villagers’ approach to the survey.

    The depressing bit is seeing people stuff themselves up with ill considedred approaches to collecting survey, interview data.

    Cheers skip

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