Living the questions

Rilke spoke of “living the questions.” What big questions are you grappling with at the moment?

As someone focused on finding ways to portray the realities of people’s lives, their struggles, their strengths – as well as outsiders’ roles and mistakes – in an impatient, “silver bullet solutions” world, it’s this:

In this supposed “post-truth” era*, do we need new ways to embody and ignite social transformation?

How do we face our own personal, sometimes devastating, truths, so that we can create more meaningful dialogue with people with different life experiences?

How do we support each others’ journeys of discovery about our relationships to complex and inter-related historical, racial, and socio-economic realities?

How different would the world be if we are able to we view it through the eyes of others?

Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke from “Letters to a Young Poet” Image:

*Toni Morrison wrote in Beloved that, “…facts can exist without human intelligence, but truth cannot.”


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