What’s needed to put local champions at the forefront?

My video contribution to A Day Without Dignity 2012!

Below are some other posts featuring local champions on how-matters.org. You can also read my guest post on Good Intentions Are Not Enough, Real Impact with Saeed Wame.

1)   The wisdom of dlalanathi: Reflections on organizational growth

2)   The Marginalization of CBOs by Development Actors: A Perspective from Zimbabwe

3)   Nothing to Offer

4)   Aid, Africa, Corruption and Colonialism: An Honest Conversation

5)   Changing the system…from the ground up

6)   “With the available resources we had…”

And some related posts on providing sound support for local champions:

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2)   Spotting Community Ownership

3)   Small is Beautiful…Grants, That Is (Part 1)

4)   Reaching Girls at the Grassroots – A Sound Investment (Part 2)

5)   Sorry but it’s not YOUR project

6)   Oral Reporting With Grassroots Organizations—Here’s How!


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  2. Nice vlog Jennifer! Great to hear your voice. It is more personal than the picture and teksts.

    You message about supporting local champions is basic, but I realize that it is sooo important to reflect on it regularly. Too often, for the sake of results, we take the lead in local development. I know I still do it at times! Too often we fail to see what happens locally, because it doesn’t meet our international standards, time frames and finding mechanisms.

    I still hear people say regularly that ‘there is no local capacity’. Really? So how do all those people survive every day? There is always local capacity, it just takes the right eyes and ears to see and hear it. Like you say: a bit less expertise, and a bit more friendship.

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